Jie Fang, BSc, PhD

Jie Fang, BSc, PhD

Dr. Jie Fang, has over 20 years of experience working on engineering projects in offshore oil and gas and subsea pipeline industries, specializing in hydrodynamics and structural dynamics of slender bodies such as marine risers,

cables, umbilicals, mooring lines and pipelines. His experience includes managing pipeline installation engineering projects as Head of Analysis, European Marine Contractors Ltd, and design of deepwater risers and flow lines and arctic pipelines.

In the past decade, Dr. Fang has gained extensive experience in the design and installation of dynamic risers in deep and ultra deep water. He's led projects around the world including the Gulf of Mexico, West Africa and Western Australia. He has also participated in numerous conferences and workshops with significant technical publications.

Jie holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering from Shanghai Jiao Tong University in China, and a PhD in Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering from University College London.

Jie is Global Leader of Marine Risers in addition to being Americas Acting General Manager and Regional Senior Vice President of Engineering. 

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