Strategic Path Statement

 Growing Profitable Relationships 

The Peritus Strategic Path Statement directs our focus onto the growth of the company through establishing long term relationships for the benefit of all stakeholders – clients, partners, staff and shareholders.

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Our Strategic Path encompasses the fact that Peritus' success is underpinned by the success of the relationships it develops and thereafter strengthens. These relationships are not limited to our clients, but also the relationships the company enjoys with its staff and contract personnel, with our partner companies and with our suppliers and service providers. As such the Strategic Path provides a litmus test for each and every decision made on the journey towards achieving our Vision.

By growing our relationships Peritus can only prosper. All our relationships should be "profitable" for all involved and by this we do not just mean money. Our personnel must profit in their relationship with Peritus through their professional and personnel development as well as being remunerated competitively in the markets in which we operate. Our clients' businesses must prosper through the technical and consulting services we provide, but moreover, the knowledge imparted should be embedded within our clients to provide long lasting benefits. Our partner and supplier organisations must have the opportunity to build their own expertise and capabilities through their relationship with Peritus, and thereby provide ever improving support.

As such, our Strategic Path is very powerful in guiding the Peritus team toward our Vision of success."Growing Profitable Relationships" reflects how Peritus is going about achieving its Vision.

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