Peritus International’s values will drive the organisation’s culture, providing the framework and priorities on which decisions are made. As an organisation Peritus International will embody the values of:

  • Profitable: we will create stakeholder value and provide sustainable growth for the company - add stakeholder value.
  • Customer satisfaction: we will pay unrelenting attention to meeting our customers’ expectations - go the extra mile.
  • Fairness: we will treat all people with honesty, respect and without prejudice - we are all important.
  • Personal growth: we will offer every employee the opportunity to reach their maximum potential, to the extent that they desire - be all you can be.
  • Continuous improvement: we will always work to better our performance - good enough never is.
  • Courage: we will stand our ground when we are right and walk away when our beliefs or ethical standards are threatened - always do what’s right.
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