Working for Peritus means working in a collegiate culture which provides the opportunity to work on some of the world’s most innovative and exciting offshore projects. The company is committed to providing every employee with professional growth opportunities, a safe and enjoyable work environment and excellent compensation and benefits.

Current Positions

Peritus International Limited is looking for a Joint Operations and Business Development director to take over from the incumbent director who is retiring. The two roles are detailed below.

Operations Director Role

The Operations Director is functionally responsible for the day to day operations of the company, the overall management of projects and running of the office and services. He works closely with the Managing Director and deputises for him as and when necessary.
Specific activities are likely to include:

  • Assist in preparation of bids (may be assigned Bid Manager from time to time)
  • Management of projects (as Project Manager from time to time)
  • Engineering to projects input as required
  • Input into office management (management meetings,
  • Participation in status reviews with corporate management, working with Managing Director to ensure the business operates within the company's mission statement
  • Keeping employees motivated and organising appropriate training
  • Recruitment, overall responsibility for staff reviews
  • Jointly responsible with Engineering Manager in overseeing in day to day assignment of employees and planning staff development
  • Jointly responsible with Quality manager for implementation of quality management system (certain management system responsibilities)
  • Reviewing and approving equipment needs
  • Overall responsibility for smooth running of the office and direction of Office Manager

Given the relatively small size of Peritus, this role both offers and requires flexibility.

Business Development Director Role

The BD Director is responsible for driving Peritus’ Business Development activity, identifying target opportunities and developing strategies to achieve them, maintaining contact with and visiting potential and existing clients, liaising with other Peritus offices to leverage their capabilities in potential opportunities. Periodic BD meetings are held with the MD and Jointly BD targets are agreed. Where requested by BD Director, MD or Engineering manager may perform or assist with BD visits however BD is largely driven by the BD Director.

Specific activities are likely to include:

  • Identify potential sources of work
  • Make and maintain contact with potential clients
  • Revise the Company presentation and BD documentation
  • Present to potential clients
  • In principle, identify targets, develop and execute strategy to achieve them
  • Investigating customer satisfaction and reporting any issues

The minutes of meeting list potential contacts, relevant company information and planned actions. CRM software Insightly is used to maintain a database of contacts and holds records of emails. Notes of meetings etc can also be captured in Insightly.

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