Marine Risers

Peritus’ capabilities include all kinds of static and dynamic risers from concept evaluation, through detailed engineering, to fabrication/installation engineering, management and supervision. While static risers for fixed platforms remain a core competence, the Peritus focus is on dynamic risers in deep to ultra-deep water depths with challenging seabed and current conditions. We will provide all phases of engineering services for the following dynamic riser types:

  • Steel Catenary Risers (SCR), ranging from small diameter flowlines to large diameter export pipeline risers.
  • Freestanding riser towers/bundles
  • Hybrid risers
  • Flexjoint, stress joint, keel joint, J or I tube and buoyancy tanks
  • Flexible risers
  • Novel riser concept development and material selection

Our marine riser engineering capabilities include:

  • Through life cycle engineering – appraise, select, define, execute, operation support, decommission
  • Dynamic, floating and seabed founded riser base spools design
  • Static, quasi-static, dynamic (time and frequency domain) based analysis
  • Clashing, interference and interaction analysis
  • Material selection, fatigue evaluation, and safety factor calibration analysis
  • Component design using advanced mechanics solutions, such as finite element methods and/or testing with statistical simulations, including test program design, implementation, management and supervision
  • Development and implementation of inspection, maintenance and repair strategies
  • Interface engineering and management

For more information or enquiry on Peritus’ Risers expertise, please contact:


Jie Fang, Global Leader – Marine Risers
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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