MEIDP - findings and implications of the 2013 reconnaissance survey

The Middle East to India Pipeline (MEIDP) will provide an economic and secure source of gas for India, where the demand for energy will continue to increase over the coming decades. The proposed pipeline will be the deepest major infrastructure pipeline laid with water depths exceeding 3000m for significant sections of the 1200km route.

This paper aims to present the findings of the 2013 geophysical reconnaissance survey with particular focus on the geohazard areas that have to be crossed including the Omani and Indian Continental slopes, the Indus Fan, the Owen Fracture Zone and the potential location of compression facilities on the Qalhat seamount. Examples of data will demonstrate the challenges that need to be overcome in laying the pipe in these geohazard zones. The results of the survey will be discussed together with the process required to identify a feasible route and necessary
intervention works to bring this project closer to reality.

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