Peritus is committed to the highest health, safety, environmental and quality (HSEQ) standards and performance. HSEQ policy is driven from the top and is key to the successful delivery of all Peritus project activities. Exceptional HSE performance is achieved through:

  • Effective leadership and commitment on the part of all personnel to the HSEQ policies / plans
  • Appropriate allocation and organisation of resources to implement the HSEQ policies / plans
  • Implementation of an HSEQ management system to identify, eliminate (where possible), prevent, control and mitigate the risks associated with the project in a timely manner
  • Monitoring of HSEQ performance throughout the project
  • Implementing learning lessons from other projects and industry-wide experience

All projects require the development of an HSE plan and a Quality plan. Both documents support and complement the Project Execution plan. Both Peritus and client HSEQ policies and goals are incorporated into the plan.

Peritus’ HSEQ management systems minimise the risk to all company, supplier and contractor personnel and the environment during all phases of a project.


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